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We live surrounded by numbers: your house/flat number,
                                           Your car/motorbike registration number,
                                           Your date of birth,(loss)/imp. meeting
                                             your phone number,
                                              your passport nº,
                                               your identity card number,
                                              your Social Security number 
                                               school, class / number
                                          your favourite/magic number
                                           your weight /height.
                                                your allowance/savings.
WE have REAL versus IMAGINARY numbers; POSITIVE v. NEGATIVE numbers, RATIONAL v. IRRATIONAL numbers; CARDINAL and ORDINAL numbers;

Historically we have had Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Arabic number systems. Each number may even have a different slang name. For instance:
                  Number 2 is one little duck
                 Number 8 is the garden gate
                Number 22 is two little ducks
              Number 88 is two fat ladies

SEE IF YOU CAN TELL HOW MANY for each number from 1 to   x:

0 from HERO to ….    
1-track-mind; - call away;
2-a tale of ….cities;Diversity
3-  Trinity;holes in a ten-pin bowling ball; tenors. Harmony.
4-Strings on a violin, Beatles; Evangelists;Seasons; Perfection.
5-Wounds of Christ;Prevailing number in Nature and Art.Senses.
6-Strings on a Spanish guitar, Justice;…feet under.
7-capital sins, sages from Greece, spikes on the statue of Liberty´s crown; wonders of the world; musical notes;planets; dwarves...
8- Bits in a byte; legs on a spider
9- Cats have ….lives; Symphonies by Beethoven; Muses;..to 5
10- Downing Street; legs on a lobster; commandments, c.c.
11- seven-…..;ocean´s…..;11/Sept
12- tribes of Israel, Apostles, months, trees at Plaza Cavana
13-witches in a coven;
14- lines in a sonnet;
15-Decisive world battles from Marathon to Waterloo;years old(my love)
16- sweet, candles, tones; string Jack.; school-leaving age.F-16
17-SVT; Heaven……;Learning to drive
18- wheeler: a trucker; coming of age;F-18
19-days and 500 nights (J.Sabina); minutes
20- love poems and a desperate song(P. Neruda)
21- Pilots; grammes;
22- Catch….;
23- Feb.;pairs of chromosomes; first prime made up by two prime numbers
24- hours; St John
25- Silver wedding
26- Saint Anne; St. Stephen
27- Books in the New Testament; age at which famous singers died.
28-days in Feb.
29-Palm trees on the Balcony of Europe
30- Average age British males get married
31-days in January, March, May, July, August, October and December
33- human teeth; Christ´s age at Crucifixion;
34- cousins you might have
36- º degrees average human body  temperature
39- Books in the Old Testament; Steps
40- Thieves; Crisis; UB-40
41-steps at this high school
42- Sex position
43- Liquor
49- the crying lot of…….
50 stars in the American flag; c.c.
52 kilometres from Málaga to Nerja; B-52
55 days in Peking
57 teachers at this high school
60 seconds/ minutes
63 dots in the Braille alphabet.
64 squares on a chessboard; When I´m………..;
65 retirement  age
66- Route
69- Position
70- steps from the basement to the tower  ; heartbeats per minute
80 Round the world in … days;
88 keys on a standard piano
90 Angle
97 kilometres from Granada to Nerja; Number I was given at boarding school
99- Steps;-rule.
100 years of solitude; pence in a pound; cents in a euro/dollar.
101 dalmatians
103 liquor
125 c.c.
168 hours in a week
180 half a circumference
199 steps
220 entries in my blog so far
250 grammes in a quarter of a kilogramme
291 kilometre at which Nerja is on the N-340
300 people killed at the Madrid bombings 11th March 2004
340 National road
350 a former citroen car
360 º radius
365 days a year( on average)
451 Fahrenheit
500 miles
501 brandy
507 box
666 the devil
700 students at our high school
707 plane
720 breaths per hour
747 another plane
1000 days in Venice / kilos in a ton/ windows at the Spanish Royal Palace
1001 nights
1024 bytes in a kilobyte
1066 Norman Conquest
1500 a seat car
1609 metres in a mile
1792 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower
1880 nougat
1984 (Novel)
3000 casualties at the World Trade Center on 11th Sept 2001
3165 inhabitants in Frigiliana
6500 windows in the Empire State Building
9000 mobile phones stolen in the U.K. every month
22000 inhabitants in Nerja( four times as many in the summer)
1000000- suns; dollar baby.
55000000 olive trees in Jaén province

(my mind is growing number and number)


What are the following numbers?

007          016            091          062          902       111           999 
092         112      

Which words are the following?:

W8 (2 different ones) Q8    K9   6T        

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